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Processless & Offset Printing Plates

The TD-G (No Process) Chem-Free Printing Plate from the Lucky Group is a true no-process plate allowing environmentally conscious printers the ability to use high quality thermal plates without processing chemicals. Repeatability and consistent quality are an important issues for printers when choosing a printing plate, and it’s also one for PLATEA. It is for the Lucky Group as well and that's why we have joined forces in North America to bring our clients a chem-free no-process plate with high quality print characteristics while maintaining a "Green" status. Our processless plates are gaining popularity in the industry for commercial printing, newspaper printing and packaging printing.

No processing in the processless printing plates means the elimination of processing chemicals and the associated costs of a processor, saving the customer significant time and money – all without compromise in quality of printing plates. Compatible with most thermal platesetters, PLATEAs TD-G, the revolutionary plate for printing is a non-ablative plate for printing that carries a latent image with sufficient contrast to allow for simple inspection after imaging. By eliminating several factors in the processing stage of imaging plates the TD-G is more predictable than the traditional thermal process plates.

The TD-G provides unsurpassed ink and water balance and savings on press. Designed for sheet-fed press high speed rotary and supporting run lengths of up to 100,000 impressions, the TD-G will easily meet the demands of most commercial printers while minimizing the impact on our environment, making it one of the best offset printing plates.

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