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PLATEA's TP-U is a  high quality thermal CTP plate is not only suitable for UV ink, but also suitable for ordinary ink printing. The plate adopts the high quality aluminum and doublecoating formulation; possessing the properties as high sensitivity, excellent dot reproduction, wideprocessing latitude and stable performance. It is compatible with all the dominant platesetters and processors in the market.

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CTP Thermal Printing Plates

If you have been looking for a perfect solution to digital printing material, the Ctp printing thermal plates provided by Plate USA are a no-brainer. Crafted with the sturdiest aluminum metal, the plate comes with a double coating ensuring safety and stability.


The structure of the plate is an industry-leading concept provided by our company. Let us know more about this in detail.

The Thermal printing CTP plate is made up of an AI substrate which is coated with a unique form of hydrophilic coating. This is then layered with the UV ink resistance layer which is topped up with a final photosynthesis layer. This resilient combination act as a perfect blend for a perfect CTP plate.

Key features

The plates we are providing boast of 830nm wavelength capacity. These offer a sensitivity range from 120 to 140 mJ/cm2. The thermal CTP plate offers 50,000 impressions with UV light and a whopping 300,000 impressions with ordinary ink usage. This also shows why our thermal printing plates are the number one choice for professional industries.


The biggest advantage of using our CTP thermal plates is the removal of the tedious film generation process during printing. Furthermore, the chemical usage layer removal process is also removed which further helps in the safe printing procedures. And when it comes to quality, there is simply no compromise. This is because when you use our plates, there is no need for intermediate films as the printing is done directly on the plate. This removes the chances of having scratches and other marks in the printing. 

The CTP plates offer multiple advantages, eliminating the darkroom process. The plates along with the proper technology module are faster and cost-effective. As compared to film-based printing, the Color To Print technology offers printing with better productivity.

Storage and usage

When you buy our thermal plates, it is important to know and understand the usage and storage directions. The CTP should be unpacked in safe light. You can unpack it under daylight or yellow light. The plate making should never be done in high light intensity as it may ruin the composition of the layers of the plate.

The plate should always be stored in a dry and cool area. You should avoid storing at a place that is in the vicinity of a water tank or chemical reagent. Also, avoid direct light exposure when you store the thermal plates.

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