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UV-P Positive plate is a kind of high-sensitive plate with excellent quality developed to meet the demands of CTcP development. It fits both CTcP platemaking and conventional CTF platemaking. It is not only suitable for superb color commercialprinting, but also qualified for high speed newspaper printing.

  • High-quality aluminum plate

  • Complex grain structure & dense oxidized layer

  • The substrate of hydrophilic treatment

  • Perfect coating formulation

UV CTP plates

We are proud to offer you high-sensitivity UV CTP plates that are ideally created for the advanced CTcP development processes. Being an expert in the production of ready-to-use CTP plates, we offer product that is convenient, affordable and long-lasting. With state-of-the-art facilities, we are committed to providing you with high-quality thermal printing plates meeting the demands of the industry.


The UV CTP plates are made with electrochemically grained and anodized aluminum substrates offering a strength that no other medium can match. It offers a maximum short gain width of 1320mm and a spectral sensitivity of 350-420nm for UV light. It also offers sensitivity to laser light. The numbers lie between 405-410 for UV laser light. The plate features a common positive offset plate developer and the final image color is in blue-green. Additionally, it has a strong shelf life of 18 months.


The UV CTP plates are synonymous with long runs. These are ideal for

  • Long run length high grade offset commercial printing

  • Long run length high-grade newspaper printing

  • As a medium run sheet feed for printing

  • Web printing

  • Color commercial printing

  • Packaging applications


The CTP plates are made specifically for CTcP development. However, it can also be used with both UV and traditional inks. It is a mature product that comes with high stability and endurance. Another key highlight is its wide processing latitude which is not observed nowadays in normal printing sheets. It also features a quick turnaround time on press and comes with consistent reliability. The robust coating and layers composition is an added advantage that cannot be ignored.


The sheet should be ideally stored in a light-free area where there is no chance of heat, humidity or cold in excess.

Why chose our plates

We are not making it up. We haven’t made designer websites to just provide false premises. We could have rather invested that money in making more business. But we walk on the norms of transparency and dedication.

We know the industry and know how to make printing thermal plates that work. We have always kept up the technological advances on offer for our clients. Day by day we are improving our products and trying to bring them to consumers as soon as possible. Giving you the best quality of service is and has always been our prime motto.

We aim to make ready-to-print UV CTP Plates easily available to the world. With good level production, we are offering the plates at a much cheaper price.

We believe saving money is the same as making it, but just a tad bit easier.

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